Food franchise brand case analysis

in the face of the current market development and competition, the choice of food and beverage is a lot of entrepreneurs to join the dream of a hot shop business is not difficult, all stores are not easy hot. Let Xiaobian to introduce you, food and beverage franchise brand case analysis points.

if to store as the center, three km radius of marketing, in accordance with the "marketing ideas of sub regional, hierarchical, customer, in a certain range to effectively carry out the" three km marketing ", can consolidate the customer base, expanding the range of radiation and influence of the brand long-term stable the development of great help.

A, eating environment to do the first

two, so the first dish features

three, so the first

customer careA molecular

four, the first

visit do communication

through communication and dining customers, understand the opinions and suggestions to store food and service customers; through the on-the-spot investigation of rival store operating conditions, production capacity and demand of funds, so that mutual understanding, improve their service management.

five, the promotion of community

three km range is too wide, it is difficult to achieve the aim of marketing promotion, sea net is clearly not feasible budget is limited, and overstretched and unable to carry out accurate data analysis, therefore, to find a community, to set up stall discount membership card marketing is a good way.

this is recommended