n the autumn of 2015 to come to learn economics long johns

the weather turns cold, you wear long johns yet? I believe many friends will meet such ridicule, actually a lot of people do not know in the business market, there is a kind of knowledge called long johns economics, worth entrepreneurs to learn.


although over a hundred years, but the birth of all the long johns to modern people and people reflects the business philosophy of wisdom. It is now the enterprise of all sorts langtaosha, four filled with sadness and irony.

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of course, also have a steady business, with a down-to-earth, set up their own business prosperity. HUAWEI and Ali, ten years as one day silent grinding, finally only mobile phone and Internet the largest territory; 58 and drops to the line of travel, and push, completely subvert the traditional lease and travel; as well as the U.S. group, the name of the product excellence, Han clothing, they are invisible. Is gradually changing our usual way of life.

The birth of

Economics: Long Johns close to the user, drop foot effect >