What did you learn from the failure of a Korean Restaurant

restaurant business may not smooth, every successful failure cases have been staged, usually small and I are in the recommended brand catering project for everyone, today we will talk about the opposite, in some cases the catering sector.

Wenzhou a Korean restaurant launched in WeChat, King meal, customers only need to reprint articles to the circle of Friends Union like 60, you can get free a package. Restaurant through a food micro signal push content, less than 2 hours, you get more than 100 thousand of the amount of reading. After that, the event quickly hot circle of friends, the emergence of the phenomenon of mutual reproduced point like.

the next day, the family has only 40 meals in the restaurant were hundreds of famous meals overlord customer tumbled". Later, the restaurant estimates, in accordance with the rules of activity and actual passenger flow, the next half a month to lose at least 200 thousand restaurants. Thus, the restaurant began to modify the rules of activity, in an attempt to reduce the number of overlord meal. However, the restaurant’s behavior caused outrage inconstant in policy, consumers in the online collective condemnation. Finally, the restaurant can not bear the pressure to choose close transfer.

many people in the industry believe that the failure of the restaurant is caused by the rules of the game is not perfect. However, small but that the restaurant failed is the overlooked Internet social circle energy. Mobile Internet developed today, any negative restaurant can quickly detonate the network, the formation of a huge pressure on public opinion, how to control the spiral of silence. Therefore, the restaurant should have a strong sense of crisis, from the production, service to marketing, every little detail should be taken seriously. In addition, the restaurant also need to set up a sound crisis management mechanism. So, in the fierce competition in the market, gradually stabilize the source and form a good reputation.

hope that more than the introduction of the failure of the Wenzhou Korean restaurant business can give you a business to wake up, shop is a mental operation. To continue to learn, lessons learned in failure, so as to be able to make their own foothold in the market. If you have any other questions, please leave a message below our website.