New keywords Nostalgia


venture must have new ideas, and this idea but also with the market needs, then you are not far from success. Now, children’s toys and other nostalgic products on the network more and more popular, many entrepreneurs want to enter this market.


"if when those Optimus Prime, Megatron could leave today, at least can sell thousands of yuan." Many people have such a sigh. Survey shows that 70% of adults over the activities of childhood still has a special liking, these activities include childhood toys, stationery, books, audio and video, and even left after the jar, cream and cookies after biscuit boxes etc..

it is estimated that nostalgia supplies profits rate of at least 30%.

Such as the recent


specialized production plant. See nostalgia also emit many products, specializing in the production of nostalgia products manufacturers. For example, Shenzhen has a large toy factory, gift factory and so on, they also produce some nostalgic items, and the price is cheap, such as "enamel cup for the people", many manufacturers in the production of enamel, will cost a few dollars. In addition, these toys factory usually mainly for export, but there are some defects, such as paint scratch defects will be slightly off, low-cost treatment in china.

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