Cigarette business to attract customers what tricks

cigarette business can be hot, but with many factors related. In short, only the real ability to attract customers, will let the store’s business development more help. My name is Huang Meijiang, is a retail merchant Tiandeng County, opened a convenience store in the vicinity of a small business day, more than three years, usually to sell cigarettes, but also sell some daily necessities and drinks.


first shop, customers are 00 separate, business is bleak. After a few years of learning, exploration and practice, especially with the help of tobacco companies staff, so that I have more business skills, business is booming. Summary of the past few years, the results of the operation of cigarettes, I think as long as the following four points, you can also attract a steady stream of tourists, so that your cigarette business booming.

first recruit: honesty, law-abiding business

business integrity, is each of our operating businesses of the career; law-abiding business, standardize the operation, not only the requirements of the tobacco companies, is keenly aware of my own. The cigarette business in recent years, I have been to purchase from tobacco companies, and in strict accordance with the tobacco companies to the retail price, the price tag, blatantly. So the quality of cigarettes has been guaranteed, I have come up with operating profit, but also to give customers a better reputation, I personally feel the integrity of business, law-abiding business, the benefits of standardized operation.

I saw some of the businesses in order to engage in short-term interests, low price, destroy the cigarette business environment, the results will not make money, also affect other businesses to increase profits, resulting in a lose lose situation. Even more, individual businesses see people selling poor quality, cheap cigarettes, for a profit on the sale of counterfeit cigarettes, so rush into danger, not only harm the interests of customers, customer complaints, also affects their own image, but also the final business is getting worse, repeat less, finally to promise to the customer, which is usually called "with his own petard".

second strokes: brand complete, reasonable inventory

as the saying goes: there are hundreds of department stores. Cigarette brand, variety, and there is always a customer is like, if the customer wants the brand you do not, it is possible to lose the customer, or more customers. The key being reasonable inventory is my good business, especially in the current tight tobacco companies to fully meet the needs of the situation can not supply the cigarette, the more necessary.

in the daily cigarette business, I generally under the guidance of the client manager, combined with the recent trend of cigarette sales, forecasting the next week or month of cigarette sales. Try to keep enough width of OTC brand, brand tight supply shortage, to do with the price of alternative brand stocking; as far as possible.