Fresh cut fruit industry leader in the way of operation

now, you can start a lot of channels, depending on whether you can seize the opportunity. Hyun fruit is a junior high school student in Nanjing founded in, founder Sun Yinqi. Hyun fruit is now the main business through WeChat and other Internet channels for orders, do fresh fruit sales and distribution business.

now Hyun fruit only one shop, but Sun Yinqi said he does not rigidly adhere to the store, as long as there is demand, he can delivery.

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before I do Hyun fruit his open leisure snacks shop, is also the first venture. That time, I did not earn money but lost 30 thousand. The reason, first of all, I chose a wrong time in their own industry is not familiar with; second, and the landlord to talk about the transfer of rental housing in the transfer fee because there is no experience of a loss of 30 thousand.

I would like to

the first venture after I think, second entrepreneurs think must first want to do. So when I did this, I first went to the fruit industry, and then investigated the potential competitors in my target area, and made a business plan.

businessAfter the completion of

: Online Order: cleaning now cut distribution line

my core competence

1, consumer channels: compared with traditional fruit retail stores, we have more advantages, and now young people tend to consume more of the network, we cater to their spending habits.

2, second product   our original fruit prices lower than the fruit shop. We don’t make money by selling fruit. I am now the product dimension is higher than the fruit shop, I sell assorted cold dishes and fruit juice, such as high added value.

3, cost advantage: the fruit shop has a facade >