How to deal with the credit building

customer credit, this is a very normal thing, in the business field however, easy money to owe. But to do business, regardless of size, there will be a credit situation, no matter how much credit, timely repayment even take care of your business. But for the credit "nail households" is really a headache, but through the shop these years of Tao Zhang Road, I have a credit for these households own Tao Zhang coping style.

my shop is in his own village, the village adjacent to the love, I think. What time do you give credit to the customer, just visit my store on the line, is not to the end of reckoning. General credit households are consciously settled and I. But the good folks, there are credit the "nail households", the credit does not take the initiative to come to you who rarely bring it over to you. For the credit account nail I divided into three steps.

first: to prevent the needle, a wake up. These nails on credit households generally at the end of the year, the New Year approaching, early to put the nail on credit account early in total, one list in advance, and say hello to the list of credit households, give him a look, by the way, to the end of the year, I want to use the money to purchase, the account closed look, you look at your credit, the credit account settled it with time. So even if he is unwilling, at least know.

second: personally to do home visits. The day morning try not to extend credit to households in the home, because some people taboo morning account. I chose the evening, and the husband together, or their own, often with seeds, like stopping like to credit nail home to sit, chat. In fact, credit households face my presence, as long as not stupid, he will understand that I was to come to his.

when I haven’t said debts, always forget much praise several credit households for people, praising his family harvest how good, simple chat home chores, immediately back. In view of my kind words, he did not give, second days will be sent to you.

third: good words to say, always smile. Some who not only do not give credit, have a strong negative attitude, and even some language is too extreme. I always smile, patiently and he said good words, as long as the heart of the account to me. Even if the credit households fanhun default, I do not go mad, try to avoid trouble, good to talk about credit. So, to pass me the credit account money, credit households also kind on: "I feel shy, owe you for a long time, you will feel shy, I also feel shy to."


can keep the change, even if interest." "You take care of me." Haha, these credit "nail households" really let me smile not! But I have a few steps, sing very well, really want to go back to owe my money.