Featured snacks venture capital Raiders

full of snacks in people’s daily life, for chowhound, special snack is essential, snack business investment is not high, but if the operating properly benefits are many, so many novice entrepreneurs are willing to start from the snack market investment.


shop can use the duolong effect

carefully store sublet

because of the demolition project meets the road to the parties, already can not go on, just want to borrow to sublet to recover some of the initial investment. So must first to find a store near the store carefully around, it is best to the planning, housing or industrial and commercial departments ask. If a place is about to be demolished, the local industry and Commerce will receive notification.

Second, the original restaurant is limited in the sewage, fire and other issues, the relevant departments have been asked not to go on, but the lessee does not know, wait until all premium after delivery, but found no shop here. This is the most common residential downstairs.

Third, rent, they can not provide real evidence, this business will not give the business license.