College students to open a studio to earn 200 thousand

now, many college students begin to use their spare time to start when there is no graduation, one can accumulate experience, and can earn pocket money. Today Xiaobian to tell you the story of entrepreneurship, is a college student in the entrepreneurial story, college students to start a movie studio, six months earned 200 thousand, let’s take a look at it!

reunion "hear" business

into the television studio is located in Hubei University of Economics business building, two sets of dual computer, a bookshelf, hanging on the wall a dozen frames, full of art fan children. Boss Yang Fan is a sophomore, into this line is purely accidental.

a soon after, with Yang Fan at a party and a senior senior, told him: "the film company I work for the treatment is not good, a lot of my colleagues go out alone, doing pretty good. We should be able to do ah."


free services to achieve the ultimate

make Yang Fan unexpected is the studio opened, but did not open for more than and 10 days. He reflected on the business ideas, decided to Hubei University of Economics as a pilot, and slowly open up the school market, fame is the key to start.

three in addition, a buddy in the promotion is also a lot of thought, do all kinds of online and offline promotional activities to save popularity. They also bought a more than 3000 yuan printer, to help students free of charge to develop photos, limited edition of 500 per month, each person can wash up to 10.   is a free service; although, they also use the foot of the mind, photographs generally by the Polaroid format, good-looking and art. Photos, they will use the exquisite letter package, personally written on the name one by one to the dormitory.

"attitude + technology" to determine the success or failure of

Yang Fan > initially, technology and