2016 introduction of food and beverage project

in fact, what kind of investment projects worth a try, but also the catering industry. And regardless of its market saturation? At the annual market updates, you should have the courage to accept the challenge Oh, because once the successful return is not cheap. Of course, choose a good partner is one of the key factors for success, so small as we recommend in 2016 five, the market impact of catering to join the project.

1. KFC

Kendl Kicken de Ki’s business philosophy is to continue to introduce new products or market products in the past re packaging, for game mentality, to gain the profits.


KFC has "high restaurant" and "cheap restaurant", all coupons printed on the "price" is "cheap restaurant" price, "high restaurant" the single product price will be 10% higher than the "price".

belongs to the KFC yum. Yum is the world’s largest restaurant group, with more than 3.3 thousand chain stores and 840 thousand employees in more than and 100 countries and regions worldwide. Owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (have been closed at home on October 2007), East Dawning (Chinese restaurant) and other world famous food brands, respectively in cooking chicken, pizza, Mexico flavor food and seafood dining area ranked first in the world.

2. McDonald’s

1902 in October 5th, McDonald’s founder ray Crocker of Illinois in the United States think Chicago was born. 1903 Americans familiar hamburgers in Missouri Saint Louis: Procurement Exhibition launch. 1940 Richard McDonald’s and McDonald’s brothers in California, San Bernardino, the United States created the "DickandMacMcDonald" restaurant, McDonald’s restaurant today is the prototype of the.

1948 restaurant introduces the principle of fast service system. Referred to as "fast food" 1955 CEO Ray Kroc in Illinois Des Prance dealership has opened the first McDonald’s restaurant, is the company’s ninth branch. The first day’s turnover was $366.12. 1960 Ray Kroc officially "DickandMacMcDonald" restaurant was renamed "McDonald’s" 1961 mine. Crocker purchased the McDonald brothers with a $2 million 700 thousand restaurant. The establishment of Hamburger University in Illinois, Elk Grove Village, provide specialized training for the world’s McDonald’s manager.

3. true Kung Fu

kungfu is a well-known Chinese fast food brand flagship, delicious and nutritious original cup steamed soup, steamed.