How to manage the tea house

Now more and more

teahouse, more and more people love to go to the teahouse tea, so you can make yourself a good relax, then open a tea houses, how to run it better? Xiao Bian on this issue a detailed introduction.

targeting business guests

How to manage the

gallery? The tea house to make money, positioning is the key. Who will come to tea consumption? Guests can be divided into three kinds, one is simply chat friends, is a recreation, there is a kind of informal business exchanges. Different consumer groups, consumption capacity will be different. On average, tea houses a day of water should be 3000 – 4000 yuan, per capita consumption of 50 yuan. What kind of business to do? Of course, informal business communication, such a strong consumer spending power, high profits, but also will continue to consume and become a stable customer base. To focus on the development of members of the group. Well done stores can develop two thousand or three thousand members.

personalized business recruit guests

wants to keep the guests, tea arts hall of personalized business is essential. For example, a well-known Beijing teahouse, it is different from the traditional teahouse, but also different from the Japanese tea ceremony, the introduction of Southern Kung Fu tea, a unique Beijing tea". How to manage the tea house? In addition, they also created the first modern teahouse in Beijing: the first art performance teams, opened the first art course, set up the first tea, tea comprehensive stores, established the first gallery website opened its first store, the first live production teapot, etc.. This is the personality management, want to attract guests, the method must think.

wants to keep the guest

to determine the main direction of the tea house, business means to catch up, is to keep the guests. Allowing guests to stay longer in the store is the key to profitability. Which provides guests with tea, is Black Tea, Green Tea, or provide timely tea according to the season, according to the tea house consumer groups to determine the grade. How to manage the tea house? The tea house scale can be big or small, but we must do in the atmosphere, creating a comfortable and comfortable leisure atmosphere. In addition, it should also increase the cultural flavor of the teahouse. Basic knowledge of the establishment of the tea ceremony and asked someone to teach customers tea and tea, to develop consumer groups, consumer driven. On the shelves of top tea, tea, tea, tea culture and other related books, subscribe to several city newspapers for guests to read. In addition, in accordance with the details of the museum to provide the guests with a few necessary small food, if there is a condition, you can at the dinner time to provide a few homemade fast food. Note that fast food can be simple, but must be fine.


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