Hefei purchase of new policies on mortgage

prices in Hefei rapid growth this year, everyone is obvious to people, in the face of a crazy situation like this, small can only say so many in this city was originally intended to stop people buy a house, prices of such rapid growth, the economy is really to this level it? As a low-income family, in the face of soaring housing prices, small series can only express very helpless. However, the relevant units in the face of such a situation, the introduction of relevant policies.

Hefei today banks lending new rules: Hefei room check 2 suites, a housing loan credit outstanding, refused to loan! And according to the previous message, room check two suites, a credit loan outstanding, according to 60% of the down payment loan.

through the above information reports we can see that the purchase of housing policy in Hefei has changed significantly. Room check 2 suites have 1 mortgage loans outstanding bank refused to settle, will be able to effectively prevent some people’s investment speculation behavior. At present, the banking industry has been confirmed: every execution.

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