How to improve the speed of restaurants serving

I believe that for most diners, it takes a half day to eat a meal and it is a painful thing to do. So, if you want to store catering business, nature also need to improve the serving speed. So, how to improve the speed of restaurants serving?

a perfect menu content

according to the customer’s favorite, the dishes will be the appropriate deletion, excluding a single rate of lower dishes. At the same time, in the choice of dishes as far as possible to choose the production process is relatively simple and fast dishes, reduce the number of complex process dishes. For the training of dishes waitress, recommend to customers in time, recommended to make simple dishes.

two, optimize kitchen

The speed and the layout of the kitchen

restaurants serving has important relationship. According to the processing procedure of the dishes, it is the most important content to divide the reasonable working area and equipped with adequate kitchen equipment. In the arrangement of the work area, the principle of the nearest to the main raw material to be used to get to get along, can not have the extra walking link. The raw materials of the code should be clear, reasonable classification, as far as possible the use of multi-layer shelves for vegetables and other raw materials. To avoid because of raw material mix caused for the waste of time.

three, training staff

serving speed improvement and the staff skills proficiency are inseparable, so in addition to improve the necessary hardware equipment, software development is a very important link. The necessary training work processes and skills for each staff serving speed. The preparation of the work of the pier and the chef’s cooking work with the mouth of the work, the customer urgent need to do the dishes. In order to make reasonable arrangements for cooking dishes, do not drink the customer to do the dishes, people do not have to do a little table.

four, refining process

optimize the work flow of each department, make the time arrangement reasonable. The kitchen should be prepared before the meal, according to the estimated amount of rough processing of some dishes, cutting, etc.. The waiter on the customer’s point menu to indicate the specific time of order, so that the kitchen according to the time limit for cooking.

there are some restaurants in order to more clearly understand the requirements of customers, through different color customer requirements of cooking time, such as green, yellow normal fast and red will etc.. So according to the situation of fast cooker Department at a glance, to prepare dishes.


said the real operation process in a catering shop, want to improve the serving speed is not an easy thing. However, as long as we are able to do more than four jobs, believe >