The prospect of the coffee industry to join the considerable entrepreneurial shop was

what kind of industry entrepreneurs choose good? This is the problem that many businesses will exist. We all know that coffee is a special film, with its unique taste and refreshing effect is more popular, the pursuit of a wide variety of exotic options. The prospects for the development of the coffee industry is quite good, for many businesses, is a good business choice. Its broad market, large demand, easy to open a shop, making money is not difficult.

1, international market analysis

coffee has become the mainstream beverage, highlighting the prospects for the development of coffee will be a boom. Coffee is the world’s top trading commodities in the world, nearly more than and 70 countries, coffee production, annual output of up to about 1000000 bags of coffee in the world, selling consumer market, annual sales of more than $70 billion, coffee drinks has become the mainstream of western countries, in the world scope also thunder is booming. In recent years, the Asian coffee consumption market gradually matured, Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, India, Chinese become gradually becoming coffee consumption, coffee market is booming, the coffee industry, become the mainstream industry.

2, domestic market analysis

the rise of the middle class, drinking coffee has become a fashion chasing. In Chinese, the middle class is the majestic rise, the fact that can not be ignored. He has a strong spending power, the pursuit of quality of life and fashion, unprecedented; the definition of life and the pursuit of the traditional concept is no longer the pursuit of personal health is the main pursuit. In the leisure tea drinks, and they feel old, drinking, they think the West from the harmful, and coffee, because of health, leisure, delicious, instantly become their favorite.

(1) to benefit from the overall market:

2007 China’s coffee imports of 10197 tons, the market value of up to $200 billion, but with the popularity of the middle class lifestyle in the whole society, people who drink coffee will be more and more. Only in Shanghai, there are more than 1 thousand cafes, coffee raw material processing agents more than 60, coffee equipment, appliance manufacturers and agents of the more than and 30, the city’s coffee consumption reached $2 billion.

(2) from the growth rate to look ahead:

although China’s coffee consumption market has just started, but the growth rate is a geometric level, the growth rate is maintained at 10%~15% per year, even more than the growth rate of per capita GDP. Authoritative theory believes that in the next few years, China is expected to become the world’s potential coffee consumption potential, the growth rate will be ranked first in the world.

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