Sichuan to support migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

due to geographical factors, China’s major provinces will have their own development of the dominant force, and for Sichuan, has been the "export" of migrant workers. Sichuan province is a province of migrant workers, migrant workers about 24 million years, is one of the most populous province of migrant workers. In recent years, Sichuan improve migrant workers return home entrepreneurship mechanism, increase policy support, and achieved remarkable results.

as of the first half of 2016, Sichuan new migrant workers returning home to start 35 thousand people, founded the enterprise of the 8000, entrepreneurship to attract employment of 177 thousand people, the output value of 6 billion 930 million yuan. Returning home entrepreneurship projects focused on the characteristics of the planting and breeding industry, agricultural products processing industry, agricultural e-commerce, ecological health and tourism and leisure agriculture.

training a total of more than 10 new occupation farmer, the family farm development to 2.9, moderate scale andraising reached 130 thousand, the development of leading enterprises to 8807, the development of farmer cooperatives to 64 thousand. The total area of cultivated land is 1 million 126 thousand hectares, of which the moderate scale management area accounts for 63.3%. At present there are insights, a certain amount of money to return home migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs, has become the backbone of Sichuan’s new types of agricultural operators and the backbone of the main.

2015, to implement the State Office opinions and the Ministry of agriculture on farmers returning the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation series, the Sichuan provincial government issued "on the support of migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs home business advice". "Opinions" put forward, one is to reduce the threshold of the home business, allowing farmers professional cooperatives to members of the right to land contractual management right, real income and other price, as the enterprise registered capital registration.

two is the implementation of tax concessions, the establishment of individual industrial and commercial households, individual owned enterprises to return home entrepreneurs can enjoy tax relief policy. Three is to increase financial support to meet the conditions of returning entrepreneurs, enjoy agricultural policy subsidies, social insurance subsidies and venture capital grants. Four innovative financial services support, simplify loan procedures, migrant workers can apply for a refund of $100 thousand loan support. The five is for the government to perfect business park water, electricity, transportation, logistics, communications, broadband network, standard workshop and other infrastructure construction, to provide business places on loan or lease with rent so that way.

was established in July of the same year, support migrant workers entrepreneurship joint conference system, the establishment of 176 million yuan of risk subsidy funds, to encourage and guide financial institutions to migrant workers return home business loans, and issued 20 million yuan special funds for the return of migrant workers.

addition, in addition to the above opinions proposed by a variety of preferential business policies, more government departments in Sichuan returned migrant workers who have a more favorable policy. Sichuan agriculture department recommended