Graduate 2017 exam registration began in Xiamen confirmed the application of the scene of the two

with the improvement of living standards, parents for their children education problem gradually pay attention to it, many people continue to choose to grind in after finishing college, hoping to strive for further improvement in learning achievement above. 2017 national graduate entrance examination for tomorrow, Xiamen has two points: to confirm the registration site of Xiamen University and the Xiamen Municipal Office of admissions examination committee (admissions). So, are you ready for the postgraduate entrance examination in 2017? Please remember the exact time not to miss oh!

research confirmed the application of online registration and on-site, including online registration time: from October 10th to October 31st, every day 9:00-22:00. No longer bubao overdue, and shall not modify the registration information; the registration website: "Chinese Graduate Admissions Information Network (public address: education website:

note that two points can confirm the different objects, objects to the city manages to confirm the registration point is: the national examination (excluding for Xiamen candidates); management exam (business management, public management, tourism management, engineering management); Fashuo entrance exam (excluding daily exam candidates of Xiamen University) more than 3 hours; (Code: 5XX); Russian (optional subject code: 202).

entrance examination has become the choice of many students, a good test results, the future of the road will be more bright, the right to choose a career will be greater freedom. The next research test time is 26 days to December 24th. Site to confirm the time is November 8th to 12, Xiamen has two confirmed on point, one is Xiamen Siming campus, two city Zhaoban (near Lake datangshijia). If you have done a good job of preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, then sign up quickly!

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