2016 national two sessions Li Keqiang report shows Chinese confidence

the speed of China’s development is getting better and better, the national strength is more and more strong, people’s lives are getting better and better, 2016 of the two sessions held in the foreign media there is also very concerned about. According to foreign media reports, Li Keqiang reported Chinese confidence, "13th Five-Year" open a new stage.

reported that Li Keqiang first said that during the Chinese "12th Five-Year" in the face of the international environment is still perplexing to complete the annual growth target of 7%. Although the reduced 13th Five-Year growth target, but still at a high level. He expressed full confidence in the people’s life will be more beautiful.

reported that Li Keqiang pointed out: "China’s economy for more than 90 trillion yuan, significantly improve the quality and efficiency of development."