A good opportunity to free the hands of the heads of households

One thing

had to admit that the China gap is quite obvious, many people have multiple properties, but many people still work hard to buy a house, build a bridge between the owners and tenants or buyers, not only for their own can earn huge profits for them to solve the problem return!

on the market at present the most widely used and most accurate assessment methods are market comparison. Including the factors in the estimation of reference price:   the average residential area, and similar housing listing price and transaction price; the surrounding area of similar housing listing price and transaction price; where the district and the plate price trend.

is estimated characteristics of second-hand housing, including decoration, Fangxing, floors, towards, age, residential location, landscape and so on. For the above factors, using the scientific statistical theory and mathematical model algorithm to calculate the impact of various factors on the price. And then according to the specific characteristics of the estimated housing, given its reasonable price as much as possible.

second-hand housing a large number of listed, although the real estate location has not changed, but the surrounding environment of regional location, city planning, may have been different, so need to eye. Ordinary consumers in the information is not equal status, want to find the value of real estate, only to seek real estate valuation consulting firm.