China rent the Gwadar Port of Pakistan will build the first Special Economic Zone

Pakistan diplomatic relations between the two countries has been for many years, the two years adhere to the principles of good neighbourliness, recently, China won the right to lease the Gwadar Port in Pakistan, and will become the second Shenzhen Gwadar Port construction.

"The Belt and Road flagship project

Foreign minister

Gwadar is the next Shenzhen

Gwadar is located in the southwest of Pakistan coast border area is a small fishing village poor, the Balochistan, Pakistan is also the most for the poor, the most backward and most densely populated provinces, it is east of Iran, bordering the north and turbulent in afghanistan.

2002, in Chinese government financial and technical assistance, Gwadar started construction, and built a three 20 thousand ton berths of the Deepwater Formation and double-pronged attack the east coast of Pakistan city of Karachi port. Allegedly, China in the construction of the port of $250 million in the cost of providing 75% of the funds. Port in 2007 by the Singapore International Port Liability Company management operations and maintenance development, opened in 2008. At the beginning of 2013, the operation of Gwadar Port handed over China overseas Port Holdings limited.

the Rana Pakistan Economic Corridor as Chinese the second reform and opening up, he thought the old Gwadar Port like Shenzhen’s reform and opening up, if we can develop along several industrial city, the Arabia sea market will be over there.