How to do well the SEO and promotion plan of local portal Forum

recently developed a set of local friends to promote the local community outreach program, but also to do some small experiments. Today is not busy, so a cup of coffee to spend a little time on the two months to meet some of the skills set out to communicate with you, so as to learn from each other!

Yancheng kulong lane is a community of friends opened in 2008 April, but due to the server data for a period of time lost so there has been no publicity also lost a lot of the first Forum on the support of loyal users. In June this year kulong Lane webmaster asked me this Yancheng forum every day now visits only more than and 100 people registered, return rate is low, what to do to change the status quo of


through the station on the site of the general introduction to the forum and analysis, we can know that he not only make mistakes and or big mistake! I summed up the following points, we can see if I have the wrong place trouble M. Learn from each other!

first, kulong Lane domain choose or can do since it is the area portal should find a local noun had existed in the street name or the familiar is better, so the domain name enabled pre publicity on the site has brought a lot of difficulty! But does not rule out the brand culture if do well may be a good domain name such as Hangzhou’s 19 floor.

second, although the site was opened last year, but the frequent sites not open or data loss situation, thus causes the original clients to reduce rates (there is no sense of security on the site within the site and reduce capacity). The greatest impact is the collection of search engines! (so last month I also suggested that this forum owners will be moved to ADMIN5 webmaster flat-share, because here is relatively stable)

third, the location of the forum did not catch accurate, in the end is for the purpose of life information or for Internet users to chat. After a variety of screening to determine the final version of the classification of the site you can see!

fourth, lack of online and offline activities and can be said to be a serious lack of. Open the forum replies floored over the post is no more than 10

!The problem of

the development of the forum is very taboo, because the forum is an interactive platform if the return rate is not high from can talk about interaction? Could not increase the viscosity of the


fifth, the lack of original original! Is a forum for the soul, not the original the forum will be in recession marks! What is the original? Especially in places like the forum, I give kulong Lane webmaster advice is early in life there is no effort to collect and then to the original news, news updates faster the website to collect news, but can not copy the past, but try to use their style to beautify and decorate, let search engine to feel your independence and love you! To the forum for information


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