Dangdang will not punish promotion bookseller shelf press do not want to say

The smoke in the war electricity price

in August 15th, a new round of electricity price war began, and the first affected "book suppliers".

yesterday, a number of Dangdang book supplier to the Beijing News reporter said that received Dangdang on the vicious price war to promote the notification. The notice said, in order to deal with a site to provoke lower than the cost of promotional price war, was forced to fight back, each supplier must bear part of the promotional costs. At the same time, in order to punish a small number of suppliers do not participate in their promotional activities, at present, there are four publishing houses were announced Dangdang shelves.

reporter yesterday called Dangdang vice president Wang Xi phone, he said, inconvenient to talk about this topic."

suppliers are required to cooperate with

it is understood that dangdang.com launched 13 anniversary activities since October 22nd, related to the anniversary promotion involving millions of goods, including books, 3C category is the highlight of the promotion.

on dangdang.com promotions set off at the same time, the number of books supplier recently received notice, dangdang.com on how to deal with the malignant promotional price war notice said, "given a website up below the cost of promotional price war has not been effectively stopped, we unbearable, forced to attack. Special notice as follows, each supplier must match: to defend the market share, from now until the end of November, we will launch a series of powerful anniversary promotional activities, part of the promotion expenses shall be borne by the supplier."

does not participate in the promotion will be punished


dangdang.com mainly requires all suppliers to participate in the November 9th before and after the anniversary big promotion, unless you have promised to give 2 months tax (full book pricing amount) 5% rebate, or should be paid during the event (5 days) of the 20% sales tax for sales promotion etc..

notice that if related conditions are not satisfied, then Dangdang will have to the supplier under the frame part of the specific circumstances and all varieties, the shelf time for the whole month of November, and according to the situation when the right to extend the deadline.

Dangdang also said that after that there is a group of publishers do not give a website supply or because of a website and stop the illegal goods, Dangdang decided to distribute the red envelopes to the partners, the bonus of 100 thousand yuan. The first is the award-winning unit and press Chinese children’s publishing house.

in addition, Dangdang said, not only did not come forward to stop a handful of malicious promotional price war on a website, but actively participate in the supplier, do not participate in our promotional activities, we will give a strong disciplinary".

has four suppliers due to "on a website below the sales price or the cost of the inverse, do not agree to give Dangdang any form of promotional costs, so the varieties was off the shelf" to promote its watch ", the four suppliers are: Shanghai Century Publishing Group; Science Press; Westview press; Beijing is often written.