2013 Hunan nternet Conference held in October 18th

development of the Internet has changed the social form, from line to line, from the real economy to e-commerce, from the traditional Internet to mobile Internet, the Internet has spawned a batch of their Internet entrepreneurs and practitioners in different periods. The development of the Internet is rapid, it is changeable, opportunities and challenges, in order to help Internet entrepreneurs insight into business opportunities, combing operation ideas, build a development platform, to seek cooperation partners, the spirit of "integrated development" entrepreneurial innovation concept, A5 station network for Hunan province Internet practitioners to build a communication platform. As one has a long history and good background of the conference meeting Internet entrepreneurs conference, the Hunan conference has been successfully held 3 sessions, has become the Internet industry exchange platform of Hunan province with visibility and influence, the attention and the media reports, by the owners welcome and praise.

2013 Hunan Internet Conference by the A5 station network, seven cattle cloud storage, enterprise portal hosted technology, network, network, Shenzhen will take the Hunan Olympic media, I search alliance jointly hosted an Internet webmaster annual meeting, the conference covers e-commerce, local site operators, WeChat / micro-blog mobile internet marketing, etc. the focus of the content, the meeting aims to discuss topics related to, study current trends in Internet development, summarize and share Internet business development experience, to explore the future of Internet business opportunities and prospects. The conference provides an open, free and equal communication platform, to provide some practical experience for the majority of the outstanding and Internet entrepreneurs, but also hope that through this Internet Conference for the venture to set up all aspects of human resources, to promote mutual cooperation between


conference time: October 18, 2013 13:30-17:30

participants: 400

Venue: Mingchen International Hotel Changsha

conference hosted: A5 webmaster network seven cattle cloud storage enterprise pulse technology

: I will be jointly organized by the Shenzhen ITANY search alliance   Hunan Olympic Media Alliance


support: good bean network Sogou Baidu alliance alliance Voices Online Tencent Hunan network       Xiaoxiang online real estate network; net; the ideal blue straggler forum home owners 28 push Wikipedia webmaster home maritime network DNSPOD

conference official home page: http://s.huiyi.admin5.com 

conference registration address: http://s.huiyi.admin5.com/chbm.asp

conference QQ group: 43587788

phone 400008 3536

registration deadline for this conference