Baidu launched the sunshine action to spend one hundred million yuan to combat bad nternet informat

Baidu Sunshine Action launch site

Baidu senior vice president Shen Haoyu speech

              sina science and technology news December 17th morning news, Baidu today to start the sunshine action to strengthen the strength of the Internet to combat false information. Including spending one hundred million yuan to strengthen the relevant technical management, focusing on combating violence, medicine and other adverse information. Leaders of the relevant government departments said they would support the fight against false and bad information.


Sunshine Action launching ceremony held at the Baidu building, the news office of the State Council, the Ministry of public security, the State Food and drug administration, the Internet society, Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center and other government agencies attended and delivered a speech.

data show that Baidu is currently responding to billions of requests from 138 countries each day, has included more than 200 billion pages, including a considerable number of bad or false information. According to reports, Baidu had invested tens of millions of dollars a year, set up 200 full-time staff, all-weather monitoring of bad information on the internet.

this year, 1-11 months, Baidu has been effective in combating tens of millions of fake Web pages, as well as millions of false websites.

to further strengthen the fight against false information in the search engine, Baidu today launched the sunshine action, mainly from four aspects to further strengthen the management of Internet information. Including spending one hundred million yuan to strengthen technical management measures to launch Internet users to report bad information; focus on combating violence, medicine and other adverse information; and invested $10 million to set up a sunshine fund, universal access to secure Internet knowledge.

Baidu side said that the strike will be a lasting and open activities. Leaders from the relevant government departments to Baidu’s move to be appreciated, and said it would support the operation of the bad information. (Meng Hong)