Ali opened the market value of more than 60 billion Ma lost the richest man throne

and the State Administration for Industry and commerce a "debate", let the Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) Group chairman of the board of directors of the Ma Yun, Asia’s richest man teetering on the throne, more in jeopardy.

in January 28th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in its official website released a report entitled "on the administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper", said Ali network trading platform are not strict, the main access to the commodity information, sales review ineffective behavior management confusion and other 5 major problems.

surprisingly, Taobao will be a strong rebound, and decided to formally complained to the State Administration for Industry and commerce".

The contradiction between the Alibaba and the

to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce due to "fake" regulatory issues, has become the focus of the town talk.

at the same time, the richest man in the top of the list, the story is also lively.

in January 28th on the same day, there is news that controls the hina film power generation (0566.HK) of the hina group Li Hejun helm, net worth has surpassed Ma, to become the new richest man.

in fact, in Asia’s throne of the battle, the richest continent, in addition to low-key Li Hejun, Wanda cinema control (002739.SZ), Wanda Commercial (3699.HK) two listed companies, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin is a contender.

January 28th, the Alibaba’s share price in 5 minutes after opening that fell more than 3%, and fell below $100 mark to $99.07, the total market value of instant shrink to about $250 billion, corresponding to the RMB shrink amount up to more than 60 billion yuan, while holding a 7.8% stake in the Alibaba of the Ma Yunshen family also shrunk to about $19 billion 500 million.

in addition, as of the end of the three quarter of last year, MA in the A stock market also directly holds 4.03% of the Huayi Brothers (300027.SZ), indirect holding Hundsun (600570.SZ) 20.44% stake in January 28th, the total market capitalization of 9 billion 55 million yuan.

combined with the market value of Alibaba holdings, Ma Yun above the stock market value of the cumulative value of nearly 130 billion yuan.

Wang Jianlin

accelerated hot pursuit

holdings of shares in the market value of the shares held by Ma at the same time, Wang Jianlin helm of the two listed companies market value has been rising.

January 22nd, twenty-first Century economic report reporter has estimated Wanda cinema after 7 trading, the market value of the net worth of Wang Jianlin will be more than Ma, and now with the market value of Alibaba has shrunk, this period will be shortened or.

January 28th, the fourth trading board has just landed the Shenzhen SME board in Wanda cinema listed on the second day, closed at 45 yuan / share, compared with the issue price of 21.35 yuan / share rose 110.77%. The market value of the Wang Jianlin family