Two kinds of free shopping mode gradually welcomed by online shopping buyers

98 VS so willing to network two "free shopping mode" into online shopping

online shopping can not spend money? Electronic commerce has gradually become the new favorite online shopping new tricks. So 98 nets and willing to launch their respective network free shopping mode".

so 98 nets free shopping mode

98 is the first network so Chinese free online shopping platform, the core model is free shopping + cash value chain to send random, creative mode of subversion of the traditional B2C and C2C shopping platform, combined with the guide price, so that users in the online shopping and promote the full range of shopping experience.

have the opportunity to get free shopping through the network to, so 98 Jingdong store nearly more than and 200 shopping sites (i.e., so 98 net return to spend your money when shopping, not including shipping)

according to some consumers spontaneous survey shows that the probability of the number of free shopping around 10%, that is, through such a network of 10 people to go to other shopping sites shopping, there will be a free shopping. For consumers, this can get free shopping opportunities, and the probability is great, there will be many consumers naturally. Often go to such a network of Miss Zhang said: "the first time through the 98 network to get the opportunity to get free shopping is very happy, this site is introduced to friends and colleagues. In fact, whether or not to get such a free shopping opportunities, a kind of hope is very good. Or it should be an attitude to life."

willing to net free shopping mode

willing to network is a dedicated idle items processing center, where you just register their own idle items, and give the people in need, you can get the coupons. Are you willing to coupons, can be obtained free of charge used idle items of others, or add a little money to get new unused items of others, one can also buy new goods. Willing to give up the purpose is to have too, upload useless, useful for the purchase.

is free in the net willing to ask for things, but free things, you pay the freight Oh, home care to send goods cable home delivery fee, is required, shall be borne by the cable home freight, of course, if the two sides agreed to face transactions (requires both parties through authentication), then a cable can save a freight. Freight payment can be agreed upon by both parties willing to recommend the use of shesuo, but the official net currency prepaid willing to trade, simple and convenient, more willing to get to safety! Money redemption value of new goods. Can any cash and coins to recharge: recharge to coins in a variety of ways, online banking, Alipay, Mobile Recharge Card can cash, willing to currency is the use of the Alipay platform, but cash is a small fee.

industry experts, so 98 nets and willing to network free shopping model, will undoubtedly promote the development of e-commerce. Inevitably lead a new online shopping lifestyle, these two kinds of free shopping mode are social development needs