Use data to speak this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, electricity providers are selling moon cake

after a week is the Mid Autumn Festival, the Chinese nation is chowhound, almost all traditional festivals have some typical delicacy, such as the dragon boat festival dumplings, Lantern Festival, Double Ninth Festival Glutinous Rice Balls Chongyang cake, and the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake is of course.

supporting e-commerce era of the rapid development of Fu, now the Mid Autumn Festival, people have been accustomed to purchase gifts online, gift relatives and friends, and the Mid Autumn Festival is the brightest food category merchants snatch market opportunities is good. This year the mid autumn moon cake war, shopkeepers began and how? Now is not to say that "the data speak it, then we have to send information by taking cube product to see, sales strategy and sales situation of the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Taobao moon cake overall sales trends and businessmen:

Take a look at the following

market share data, in the sub category, moon cake accounted for only 5.16%, do not think that does not sell well, can not stop the Taobao base, the average monthly sales of moon cake but there are about 6900000. So even a small proportion, the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake market, still have a brilliant future. Through the analysis of data cube industry to find related or the corresponding data, can effectively grasp the consumers to buy moon cake on the network trend, help the rapid selection of the launch of the product, find the maximum space product demand.


Look at the moon cake

explosion models list from the list, a Hong Kong Style mooncakes with egg yolk maxim, the monthly sales ranked first. Although less than several other sales, but the maxim moon cake of the high price, and product visibility and promotion efforts, but also makes the number of attention than the moon cake Maxim ranked at several other shops on the list is high, can be said to be the mid autumn moon cake war, a representative of the family.


We next to

maxim as a case, shallow, to the moon cake sales strategy and sales of the Mid Autumn Festival shopkeepers were analyzed. Maxim is a Hong Kong style moon cake moon cake shop, SKU and the number of sales of moon cakes occupy more than 95% of the store all the goods.


from the sales trend, moon cake sales in the first half of the average monthly sales have been very stable, no more than 500W, but from the beginning of July after preheating, sales in the explosive growth of the current peak value has reached about 30000000.


and the reasons for the increase of blowout trend, in addition to the moon cake itself is highly seasonal goods, are catching up with the Mid Autumn Festival, adjust the pricing strategy of merchants is also very important. To see the price trend of the explosive goods, usually priced only 200 yuan of goods, the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival suddenly adjusted to more than 400 yuan, doubled the whole (Jian Shangheng).