can also insist on how long

I really ought to guard you every day, every day to greet you, care about you? Or should give up you, to find a good job, or to learn something, a normal life! I want to eat, to live, to pay the rent, to pay the fee of mobile phone charges. I want to pay money to support you,


what, what I have to do this to you? Is not the give up you? The domestic Internet only let me see only darkness, what are we? Just a grassroots webmaster, what to take to compete with others? We have a computer, a dark room, keyboard the edge of a filled cigarette ashtray. Web design, website maintenance, website management, website promotion, for someone can use 4 departments to do, and we? We have only one person, only to do their own; like to write a book, you will be responsible for the printing, and then get the stall to sell out.

don’t know how long I can support, I can’t stand his torture. Today the database within a day damaged 3 times, 3 times to 2 times I put down the bowl, 1 times off half of the clothes for bath are stopped, fortunately, these problems can be solved within my ability, really afraid that one day I can not solve the question question

what should I do?Why did

feel the dark day? And died a number of stations, which is my station! I thought that one day, really did not expect to be so fast, ah ~ ~ I don’t know that how many owners will hold the head pain, I want to be…… Oh, I heard that now countries require special filing to the website, this is not what, to record a friend I actually said to Id photocopy all the webmaster, I Speechless…….

and I watched my another friend a blog was shut down, the heart is very painful, he always becomes lively and cheerful, be scanty of words I asked him, what are you going to do? He said, I will not stand in, I just want to go to the company of others to help others to do an ordinary website maintenance the programmers, with thousands of pieces of stable income for a month, this is enough.

he said to me: "you can go for it, even though you say you have no qualifications, but you are so young, just 20 to have so much as you go to the general technology company to others do programmers like, or you can go to your dream university, your future than anyone light, there is no need so tired, do you think you can insist on how long? I’m on the domestic Internet completely lost hope, because of a bad bird, and ruined my entire forest, we are just right, we can not compare the enterprise, we have no backing, we only rely on their own, do not talk about technical problems because of the technical aspects, to me or you, or any a webmaster, I think can be solved, but we have not had the technology can solve the problem. My blog station, just because a user uploaded a photo in the photo album of 3 points, that is, the swimsuit photos, I would like to see this picture everywhere, YAHOO, Sina, Sohu, Tencent