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Tu friends

Tu Shiyou chastity network (website screenshot)

"no love history, look, Wuhan one of the University, master, thirty years long abstinence, integrity compelling character, Chaobo Juesu, when all eyes floating clouds billowing high official positions and riches, sunshine and happiness, share experiences without chastity, but worthy of heart is successful in the official career, society good faith, for good people to eliminate concerns fooled……"

in a "Yapin chastity network" website, dozens of words into her resume. She is such a highly educated single woman, 38 years old, still maintained a virgin body. On the Internet, she has a name called the "goddess of chastity", in order to prove himself, she is still micro-blog drying out on his own in the virgin reports of Wuhan Tongji Hospital.

she is a Ezhou girl, living alone in Wuhan, earning a small income from freelance writing, but she is obsessed with her own ideas. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed her, she just walked back from the outside. The reporter asked whether her real name provided in the report, she resolutely replied: Yes, my name is Tu Shiyou.

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Tu friends primary school, junior high school in Ezhou city. In junior high school, her grades are ranked in the top three. After graduating from junior high school, she enrolled in the secondary normal school. Because at that time for the study of good students, to be able to read technical secondary school is a good choice. After graduating from secondary school, she was assigned to teach in a primary school in Ezhou.

two years later, she resigned from the school, to a Ezhou company engaged in propaganda work, done 4 years after she took the Wuhan University, became the school’s Journalism Department admission. Tu Shiyou told reporters, after graduation, many students were assigned to various schools, love, marriage, children. And she put more energy in the study. Get through the examination of the diploma. At the time of national policy, a diploma of social youth through examinations can become the Wuhan University admission, after 2 years, and at the same level as the college students can get undergraduate diploma. In 2001, she graduated from the Journalism Department of Wuhan University, and then passed the Wuhan University graduate admission examination.

After graduation from

, he left Wuhan and became a freelance writer. He wrote articles for magazines and wrote some comments in the press.

"38 years have passed!" Tu friends some feelings. She told reporters, not people chase her, before a graduate student, and she has a review of male students have a crush on her. However, at that time I was too focused on learning, there is no use. For love, let it be." Tu friends to express their views on love.

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