Stationmaster net broadcast Tmall international big clearance Beijing News website was hacked

1 Tmall international big clearance: 1 10000 Taobao  


days ago, the Wall Street Journal quoted an insider news, Alibaba said on a number of internationally renowned brand promise, if Tmall settled, the Alibaba will make the greatest efforts to brand counterfeiting and unauthorized removal of product from its online store.


in the introduction of international big brand however, spare no effort, the current Taobao (including Tmall) on the real situation and how? Billion state power network finishing the 20 international brands in the Taobao business situation and found that there are a lot of Tmall to do homework.

Chanel LV the most favored "clean"

billion state power network has selected 20 well-known international brands from bags, jewelry watches, cosmetics category three (as shown below) as the object of the sampling survey.

2 online recruitment: behind the pick difference competition escape industry reshuffle  

face emerging emerging markets and mobile wave, online recruitment industry has long been in silence and low tide, but in the first half of 2014, the traditional industry is once again favored by the capital market.

at the beginning of this year, Linkedin and Sequoia China, broadband capital to set up a joint venture in China; in April, headhunting network announced a new round of $70 million financing; in June, Zhaopin following future worries after the success of the United States market; in August, located in the working version of WeChat’s social networking application tenderness announces $20 million B round of financing the main, Ganji recruitment business to get $200 million financing, yesterday, attention to the field of internet job sites pull hook vertical net also announces $25 million B round of financing.

compared to online video, tourism, electricity providers and other vertical areas, the recruitment industry scale is still small, according to iResearch previous statistics, in 2015 the entire online recruitment market size of about 5 billion yuan. Zhaopin earnings data released yesterday showed that the fiscal year 2014 revenues of 1 billion 80 million yuan; the future expected revenue this year is close to 2 billion yuan.

3 thunder intends to buy $33 million Jinshan fast disk is expected to be completed in September this year,  

thunder revealed today in earnings, the thunder is actively negotiating with Kingsoft Corp, according to the content of the negotiations, the thunder will buy Kingsoft fast disk Personal Edition business and related assets, is expected to be a binding legal document in the next few weeks.

under the agreement, thunder will participate in the total cash price of $33 million acquisition of fast disk. The deal also needs to be approved by the board of directors, is expected to be completed in September this year.

thunder said the acquisition of fast disk Business >