PPTV two head past financing price Readme

more than half a year in the past, PPTV acquisition was transferred to the fans, can be described as gossip constantly. Alibaba, Hunan satellite TV, Sohu and a number of video related companies have become PPTV’s rumored boyfriend. But never thought, PPTV eventually married Suning this seemingly with the video of the eight pole could not beat the relationship between retail enterprises.

transaction Suning investment $250 million, accounting for 44% of the proportion of PPTV cohesion, becoming the largest shareholder, Suning is also the largest strategic investment. Su Ning, vice chairman of Sun Weimin said, the combination of the Internet retail and intelligent video industry will greatly accelerate the integration of the whole channel to accelerate the integration of Suning, the whole product management and customer service group cloud business model." At the end of August, Suning has released the "wings Internet roadmap", while PPTV cohesion and cooperation is the latest step in this roadmap landing.

Sun Weimin said that the cooperation with PPTV is a complete practice of Suning Internet roadmap, help Suning to seize the Internet multi screen entrance, rich digital content products, to create a new interactive shopping experience, become the new point of Suning Internet retail strategy, and gain huge quality customers the group in the market competition.

PPTV was founded in 2004. Founder Yao Xin, after graduating from the campus dormitory model, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, because of the love of football, the development of video live software PPLive.


, after 70 veteran Tao Chuang joined, served as CEO, primarily responsible for corporate finance and strategic direction. Tao Chuang founded in 2001 GeoTango company, launched GlobeView online three-dimensional map system, more than three years earlier than Google Earth. In 2005 the company was acquired by Microsoft. So Microsoft became the first Chinese entrepreneurs in the history of mergers and acquisitions.

before this financing, PPTV conducted a total of 4 rounds of financing. Angel investment in 2005, respectively, in the blue wing venture capital of $5 million in 2009, about $15 million investment in 2006. In 2011, PPTV and Softbank to a pad of paper, signed a $250 million investment agreement, a single financing under the global Internet industry’s largest video recording.

2 years ago, I was lucky enough to interview PPTV’s top two characters, Yao Xin and Tao chuang. Listen to their multitray story behind the PPTV round of financing. In this article, the reader will reproduce the PPTV round of financing in D, how to use 2.5 hours to impress Sun Zhengyi, get $250 million price financing scenario.


is as follows: Tao Chuang oral:

I think D round of financing, the video industry has reached a point. In 2010, the video is in a period of rapid growth, the market is no longer a question mark on the video. The so-called question mark in the capital market, before everyone