Online real estate registration is still a real name registration will cause the industry reshuffle

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personal name, or tax? This dispute for a long time but this issue, because there are an early exposure of the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures") and again attracted public attention.

reporter for the first time to get this is said to be the State Administration for Industry and Commerce internal materials management approach draft. Which clearly stipulates that individuals should be registered in the online real name registration, should also apply for the registration of industrial and commercial registration.

according to media reports, the provisions of the relevant manufacturers, interest groups to carry out research, is expected in March 15th this year, the eve of the promulgation and implementation. However, on Saturday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce spokesman Tengjia material this special clarification, SAIC start drafting the "Interim Measures" online commodity trading and service supervision from last year, to regulate the network of goods and services transactions, and promote the healthy development of the network market. However, the current drafting of the management approach is still in the stage of research and demonstration. When the time is ripe, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will be in accordance with the regulations in the program, officially to the public draft, widely listen to and absorb the opinions and suggestions of the community, to provide legal guarantee for the healthy development of the network economy."

industry insiders generally believe that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce spokesman so clear and timely clarification to see, almost certainly the real name system is unlikely to be implemented in the near future. However, many e-commerce experts said, starting from the long-term strategy of regulating the development of e-commerce and to protect the interests of consumers, online shop real name system "the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages".

shop transaction is still legal blank

in fact, as early as last July, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that it will be included in the scope of its online shopping supervision, and the management approach draft sent to the national industrial and commercial system for comments. Part of the anonymity of the manufacturers have received this program, has been or is still constantly feedback.

reporter learned from the draft, the management approach to regulate the shop behavior has been very detailed. For example, the provisions of article seventh: natural person engaged in commodity trading and related services through the network, to provide trading platform for network operators to apply real name registration; with registration requirements, it shall apply for business registration.

of course, the industrial and commercial registration requirements are not "one size fits all"". The provisions on temporarily with the industrial and commercial registration, apply to sales of goods online trading platform or review and provide information about the true identity of the real name registration services to individuals, the establishment of the registration records and regularly verify and update; mark issued proof of personal identity information is true and lawful, loaded in its commodity sales activities on the web page. This means that some trading volume is not high individual sellers, such as temporary or second-hand goods transactions idle, can consider to trading platform for enterprises to manage, but must check the true identity information; and the network transactions of the seller, you need to apply for.