Stationmaster net daily broadcast the beast in ChinaHR bucket Microsoft back seat

1, in "animal fighting" investment 7 years not profitable

since 2005, the world’s largest recruitment website (Monster Worldwide, MWW.NYSE) monster investment well-known recruitment website – (ChinaHR). In seven years, a total investment of $243 million behemoth, has been at a loss. The monster launched a restructuring plan in the third quarter, for the sale of subsidiary Industry sources, has been resolved and the world’s leading HR outsourcing solutions provider ADP negotiate acquisitions, but as of press, the two sides failed to agree on the price.

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2, Forbes: why Alibaba wants and the morning market

editor’s note: Eric Jackson is a doctor of Business School of Columbia University, specializing in strategic management, the creation and management of Ironfire Capital LLC, focusing on China’s science and technology industry. The author is optimistic about the growth of Alibaba, Alibaba is currently valued at $60 billion, and that this figure will grow to $150 billion after 3 years. Based on this judgment, the Alibaba should avoid the mistakes of Facebook and morning city, low cost to buy back YAHOO holdings of low-cost strategic acquisitions and attract talented people.

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Forbes: why Alibaba wants to be in the morning market

3, VCs criticized Facebook plagiarism serious impression is bad


technology news (Yun Song) January 6th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, as the network technology giants, the Facebook should be innovative hero, but Wilson has recently been caricatured as replicators organized. Fred (Fred Wilson) is a venture capitalist in New York, his portfolio includes Twitter and Foursquare. Although Wilson is very keen on investment in science and technology, but the social network giant Facebook is not a cold. In fact, Wilson was very bad at Facebook.

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venture capitalists criticized Facebook plagiarism seriously bad impression

4, electricity supplier melee: Guild Wars is still the theme of 2013

even if the 2012 electricity supplier arena had experienced a vertical business survival once again: the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore have been squeezed, small electricity providers were in class integrated business into the group; in 2013 the electricity supplier arena will continue to be staged big battle. The price war is still