Jiang Likun Ten Secrets let website traffic rise

recently a lot of new friends into the group, have asked the author how to increase the flow through the promotion of the way, in this thank you for the trust of the author. In fact, do not have to promote the outside world, through the site itself can also achieve the optimization of the flow explosion effect, the following let Jiang Likun to share with you.

a, the characteristics of the content

for marketing, the platform is the foundation, the content is the key. The content of the website features, users naturally love come back often, so the content construction is the kingly way. Here is not only the content of the traditional sense of the article, information, etc., can also be other aspects of the east. We can start from the following five aspects:

1, featured columns. For example, many websites are doing interviews, usually for the industry website, very suitable.

2, dominant content. Needless to say, is the content of your site is not the same as similar sites.

3, hero. For community site is particularly important.

4, feature module. For example, some SNS sites in the parking spaces game.

5, special service. Such as free website planning, free SEO optimization, free ranking query.

two, title party

title of the role of the party do not have to say it! Good title party, not only allows users to click on the impulse, but also to achieve the role of SEO optimization. Note, however, the title can not be associated with the content, or exaggerated content, the difference is too large, it is easy to cause resentment. Say a real case:

a user made a star endorsement of a Korean mobile phone advertising, at the forum entitled: the latest XXX mobile phone advertising, show only. The user as a warning for the future, re packaging about the title, was changed to: South Korea banned the x-rated advertisement (XXX endorsement), the warm response. This is a good title title of the party, firmly grasp the users psychological adventures, but not exaggerated, I hope we can be inspired from this example.

three, column subdivision


website is equivalent to the city signs, users can on your website to need the content depends on it. So the classification column must be classified according to the actual needs of users, to fair and reasonable, all possible subdivision columns. One is to facilitate the user to find content, the two is to set the right words, the role of SEO. An example:

When the original

enthusiasts website was built, the college channel has a XP column, mainly to introduce XP related knowledge. Because XP is the mainstream operating system, so we have high hopes for this column, the article updates quickly. By XP so concern by users, with the increase of the amount of traffic should be increased to, can the actual situation is the slow growth in PV. After data analysis found that after the original article, the user to find more and more content >