The electronic commerce new digital content trading field Denver wave swells

China’s e-commerce tide began in the late 1990s. After more than ten years of development, the field of e-commerce has been the rise of a number of enterprises with great influence, and the rise of the electricity supplier integrated platform and vertical platform for electronic business. In recent years, with the total number of Internet users and further improve the electronic commerce infrastructure continued rapid growth of e-commerce, with its low cost and convenience and efficient service will usher in the development of the high-speed development period in the history of.

after 2005, the rise of e-commerce vertical field has become the biggest bright spot in the field of e-commerce. Can be said that the rise in recent years in the field of electronic commerce vertical completely changed the ecology of the whole Internet, change our view of e-commerce, e-commerce will change the future vertical the entire e-commerce trend. The rise of e-commerce vertical field has become a new milestone in the history of the development of e-commerce".

e-commerce new Nuggets field – digital content trading

in recent years, vertical e-commerce platform is full of e-commerce industry. A lot of e-commerce platform, such as industry B2B e-commerce platform, B2B platform vertical e-commerce platform, is fast, and quickly occupied the regional market and industry market segments.

With the penetration of vertical e-commerce to various industries,

has become one of the most important areas of e-commerce. As an innovative application platform for e-commerce, digital content trading has demonstrated unprecedented vitality. According to statistics, pictures, text, source code and other digital works have emerged in the field of a large number of e-commerce platform. For a time, the transaction of digital works can be described as "wave swells". Digital content trading has become a new area of e-commerce in the field of nuggets".

AC according to Nielsen Media research data, with the digital copyright people continuously, picture market will continue to expand, at the same time, the high price will gradually be cheap, quality guaranteed, copyright clear profit picture cover, and will become active members of the future market, genuine design, genuine. The public will not fantasy. Can be expected in the future design of photography pictures trading development momentum; text digital trading works presented in the form of documents, with the copyright consciousness constantly popular, online document resources sharing will gradually transition to the Internet free online payment document transaction based sharing type charging mode will gradually be recognized and accepted. Therefore, we can determine the document online payment transactions market will become a very broad market space, which is probably more than photography design picture market space, but also the development of faster; software source code resources market most is still in the stage of free sharing, less pay transaction. With the continuous development of the Internet, software source code demand will continue to increase, the market will be more and more big.

digital content trading integration platform is the trend of

can be seen, digital works trading has a broad market, has