Tang Zhigui forum several commonly used methods to sum up

Now with the development of local Internet Forum

can be said to be a lot of, just hit a certain place with the forum then there will be many places like the same forum, some new or old station, the old station has been stepped up, but also in the development of new.

many forums at first and the door does not flow, let alone what popular, even if you do not rank active if it does not keep what people are doing, the recent personal forum of a place, like a lot of programs to share:

as the saying goes, a reluctant child sets the wolf, we all know that Baidu alliance, Google AdSense or other advertising alliance is to click in more than 1 gross, so we can choose to give money or in kind, the reward for the virtual forum posting, for example you send 50 posts at the forum, I will give you the reward of a QQ member or what rewards, the money can be earned in these will not encourage our users to click on the case, even if not to make you leave a good influence to the user the reward and retain a loyal user. And he would say to others in a forum posting made a member of the QQ or what other things, but not to others that this forum is rubbish.

two, open invitation registration to send something, because I do is a local forum, so I choose if A users with his invitation link success invited B registered users made 10 posts, and the time to reach the user online posting replies, recorded more than 10 hours during this period, then I 2 QB Award for A users, this will be a lot of users everywhere to send his invitation link, will give you the forum to say how good how, you can get a promotion effect.

three, lucky draw, because I used Discuz, installed a lucky big turntable, the real and virtual reward set inside, for example, the first prize is 100RMB, the two prize is 50RMB, third-prize is a member of QQ, every day I take these or not in the award winning at the forum, plus red posted, and write in several prize reward is not been removed, what, then once inside the group, it also has a very good registration.

four, more and the contents of the forum related groups, see more local information, a lot of rain flooded many cars and houses which day I do this forum on local area, I went to see the point of the day rain pictures, and then published in the forum after sent to the local group. The results do not attracted a lot of people watching, reproduced a lot, so if we like this every day and do pay attention to this forum topic, if there is a feel good message to send to the same reproduced forum and you do forum group would bring a lot of people onlookers.

five, the establishment of a number of forums you are related to the group