Wangzhuan novice website promotion to do the following three points

website promotion as a small scale development of the industry, the fact that the value of its existence is obvious to all, it should be rational to look at and judge the promotion of these sites. The bearing size is not the same size, thousands on thousands of Web Architecture large, complex degree and types of its website does not agree to a great extent by Internet users attention, not too easy to cause too much attention. How to successfully promote a website, is the most difficult to grasp all the site promotion and the best things. So the promotion site need to pay attention to some of the situation.

first, the category of the site is largely a barrier, is the biggest bottleneck restricting how to promote the operation of the site. At the same time, it also brings a lot of convenience to the website promotion staff. Everything has two sides. In a difficult promotion of the website, we are at a loss what to do most of the time, only in accordance with the promotion of promotion of traditional mode, there is obviously a lot of time just wasted effort, with little success. So we should carefully analyze the task of taking over.

second, innovation is an important factor in the successful promotion of any website, innovation is the main goal of the task. However, innovation is not to be desired, and occasionally a little inspiration may be a successful idea, we should not ignore its role. Of course, we can not count on innovation, after all, a successful innovation program is not the market will have, we can not lose the normal way, which is the foundation of our revolution.

third, a powerful promotion offensive is the indispensable part of the success, how can stand head and shoulders above others see this step, perhaps, through a large number of additional chain and in some sites a pop-up window form many people, is also an effective measures, but the time that users don’t care about it there, the quite revulsion and disgust, we still have to contemplate. Perhaps this is not the wisest choice and practice.


, a successful website promotion personnel in my opinion should stick to the above three important thought, otherwise everything will be clouds, what can only bid farewell to era, more than purely personal point of view, welcome the review.

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