Five aspects of the promotion of small profit game ideas

is now popular on the Internet a lot of small games, but this is not the traditional meaning of the game to share with you, but to allow users to pay a similar game. These games are often the user is free to download, but users can pay in the course of play, in fact this business model is very good, but the difficulty is to promote, how to let more people is a difficult problem to download the game. A little on the scale of the company or team will even go directly to do Baidu promotion, but the cost is not suitable for the public and small owners, how to obtain the maximum number of users with low cost? This paper from the following aspects and share.

first, do Keywords: because these games have a target user in search, in the search, so you can directly specify the target keywords optimization. Of course, there may be more intense competition, but not competitive game believe profit ability is not outstanding, so don’t be afraid of competition, not afraid of competition. Key words do not need to worry about the urgent need for a long time, if you do not have a good state of mind or eager to profit, it is recommended or direct promotion is better.

second, paid advertising: if there is a good profit under the premise of the proposal can be directly paid advertising. We can see a variety of types of implants in different sites, different software, many of which are small game types of advertising. Here is a two points need to remind, do investigation and Research on the competitors, to see where they are advertised, two is a long test, observe the traffic and conversion rate, for the replacement cost is not high in a timely manner to the platform.

third, blog marketing: do the game may not have the time to write a blog, blog marketing here is not to write their own blog to train users, but through other people’s blog to promote. People who love to write a blog in the people, I believe you and he talked about a good price, appropriate to put some ads inside his blog to promote your game, it should be a good choice. Because bloggers recommend things, users naturally believe that if they just like to play the game, it is more suitable for the.

fourth, do stand swarm optimization: here is the station group to increase the weight of the main station, but the station inside can also update the appropriate articles, the articles will have some indirect users came to the game site, this is the harvest of additional course. The key word rankings do up is fundamental. Do stand group does not need a lot of collection, or search engine will be treated as a garbage site, between the group of the best not to link each other.

fifth, a single page to do the long tail: This is one of the methods used by many experts, the investment is relatively large, but the effect may be the best. We can build a lot of each other is not linked to the site, each site with different long tail keywords, because of the long tail keywords competition is very small, so it can easily lead to traffic. If these single page station to do enough, then the cumulative flow is amazing.

here, through the above five parties >