nman Fang Jianhua brand online and offline

news October 9th, according billion state power network understanding, the day before, Yan man founder Fang Jianhua said in a speech, the brand is not online and offline.

Fang Jianhua explained the layout of the line under the thought of what. First, the rapid development of the Internet today, the channel has entered the era of integration, not line under the line. "There is a clothing brand, Tmall is a real force from the beginning of last year, they have thousands of stores in the country, was rushed into the category of TOP10 last year, because the foundation of the line, so it can run online support."

second, in the face of the era of brand consumers, you want to comply with the new pricing logic. Over the past few years to see the luxury go online, as well as high rate pricing of traditional brands, think of a piece of cake on the internet. But because they have to go through layers of agents, their high rate pricing on the Internet is difficult to sell moving away from the consumer (accepted) price difference is very far.

third, if the Yin and the traditional brand to do, go the original simple mode, is certainly a dead end. Yan man now online store layout business community, fans economy.

Fang Jianhua said, online and offline nature is the same, only do well in order to get a good location and resources. In Guangzhou, Shenzhen, as well as the 234 line of the city has the experience of the line under the shop.

‘s flagship store will attract a customer, in addition to women can buy, but also to buy other categories of products. Will create a way of life, which can effectively improve our UV value." Fang Jianhua bluntly, Yin man to take more than a multi store layout strategy, this strategy allows the brand to get a more comprehensive exposure, improve brand value.

Fang Jianhua bluntly, the layout of the multi category allows the brand to get more single product entry customers. As of this year, Yin man has covered the shoes, women’s clothing, bags, shoes, children’s clothing, home, underwear, furniture, so many categories together is a slow life circle.

man also encouraged fans can go to shop. The original brands online and offline is a game between the Yin man, but online and offline interests are shared, completely same price, the line is completely open. Yan Man online shop to the zero inventory mode, while the traditional retail model is the model of stockpile.

Yan man got a batch of young fans the traditional shop operators will only sell goods is difficult to achieve the standard of yin. Because the Yin man shops model has thousands of city community property is very strong, the ability of the owner himself to have business community, Yin line shop is a combination of traditional stores, the electricity supplier business plus community.

Fang Jianhua also pointed out that the community is changing qianceng. For example, in the county, one of our clothes sent to my circle of friends, a mass ten, ten people can achieve remarkable effect. So the Internet brand will be online and offline to get through each other, so that brand awareness has been doubled; no increase in the development of