A four study of operation of large coffee

also yesterday or yesterday, yesterday, a friend sent me a message, I find it very interesting to share in this:

once thought: as a WeChat operation, my day is like this:

1, in the morning to the company at 9, from a cup of coffee in the beginning of a good package in Starbucks, with half a minute of time to deal with the mailbox advertising cooperation, Sharon invited, WeChat training e-mail;

2, 9:30 began the day before WeChat background data analysis, and made a detailed report to report to boss; confidently expected: according to the development trend of next year that 3 million users properly, then the financing market, to the NYSE bell;

3, 10:00, called the team brainstorming, after listening carefully to their work report, in accordance with the content of the focus on the paper, on the top of the content put forward their own ideas;

4, 11:00 started browsing peer industry news: A users exceeded 3 million; peer B investment institutions valuation 30 million; peer C is WeChat’s official title; suddenly felt an invisible pressure, so a hot head on paper 3 million user goals into 4 million


12:00, 5, a responsible person of investors about you for lunch; on the table, my investors on the platform to be highly positive and show strong interest, although we have reached a consensus on the WeChat community economy and the fan operation, but I declined him thrown out the olive branch, said now the main stage to do fine content, temporarily do not want to be bound to


6, 2:00 pm, a salon host called me to confirm my attendance time; this time I prepared the theme is "how to do the user from 0";

7, 2:30 pm, WeChat as the company responsible person to attend the meeting for the management of the company; some people at the meeting suggested that WeChat should be to promote the products of the company; I strongly criticized this absurd proposal, and eloquence and impeccable logic, WeChat how to operate to play this great pleasure and user do the theme to explain in simple terms, people speechless;

8, 4:00 pm to meditate; then with deep open mind map, content construction, user maintenance, planning activities, H5 creative aspects of their own insights, confidently said: if this continues, the next 4 million users to hand to capture


9, 5:30 pm, the team will copy sister paper of today’s content to preview, I think the title is not enough to attract people, so with his keen insight into human nature and language proficient inspiration, came up with a very cock fried days headlines; sister paper on my face I worship, however slight the girl laughed: uncle is not about


10, 6:00 pm, off duty;

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