Talk about the experience of standing in three years

      three years ago only to have the idea of stationmaster are now a little rich, now it is different in the network, the mix of people too much, even the old timers are a bit too much, to do business to

      last year I had a download station, then to download such station is very vague, but inadvertently think of it, that is from the Internet just under a new cloud, feeling art is also good,

      lazy modifications for use, and a few a few years as a download station often communicate, slowly learned a lot of things, at that time, did not expect to buy a server, don’t feel the need to engage in, play, download station is also very much, I like friends engage in a passion of website, it was not long before it was closed, we can not persuade opportunistic, that is harm themselves.

      time is collecting others, Baidu is not love this, I also can timely update the news, software, Baidu has been included is not good, feel a headache, not other webmaster and I exchange links, I finally cruel configured servers, Baidu really understand the spiritual oh. A few days later collected thousands of pages, I feel very happy, often engage in, and I also wish the download site exchange links

      Baidu in particular has brought me the most impressive flow, also don’t know is my good times don’t last long, before offended expert, or how it happened, my server was attacked, my technique was not very high, our company technology in general, I often go to some BBS consultation. If set, how to recover, how to be more security, I and technology connected the three days and nights without a break, and finally their own server is good, standing still is often black, because after all, the new cloud many loopholes, my technique is a download program, write, not very difficult, I will spend money let the master to help me write, two months later, he took the program to me, I am very satisfied, of course, I was standing a little traffic every day, dozens of people, or to bring a new Baidu. After the program released, we are busy with the site, he determined to do a good job, do a period of time, Hello, world wide web first consultation advertising, we ranked just about 900000, for he looked at the station statistics, people will not have the nerve to say what, in cooperation Baidu and GG now to me particularly mercy, special care for me, the flow is good, close 8 months, they rented 6 advertising, let us see the hope, I feel that a station to station portal more hardship, after all the people are not the same, engage in this network of three and a half years, I got many stations, respectively, Download portals, web site navigation, beautiful pictures, large forum, DJ station, the most significant is the portal site and download station, the other is also very mediocre, now I have been >