Daily topic nternet financial norms of a P2P net loan platform how to deal with

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 22nd news, last week, the central bank issued a "promote the healthy development of Internet financial guidance", this is the Internet banking regulators for the history of the highest level, the most formal and most comprehensive guidance. The whole industry a good platform for operators, P2P most, perhaps this is also a challenge to


and for the domestic P2P, from 2007 the first pure P2P – pat the emergence of loans, to now more than 3 thousand of the P2P platform unpopular situation, the development speed is amazing. Obviously, the industry regulatory policy does not fall, P2P platform will not be able to obtain a formal legal status, whether it is listed or other financing channels, there will be a very big obstacle.

Internet banking, the biggest controversy is the P2P network lending industry. In 2014, P2P lending platform network suspected of illegal fund-raising case number, the amount involved, raising the number of participants were 11 times, 16 times and 39 times in 2013. Net loan home data show that as of the end of June this year, cash difficulties, problems such as Juankuan run away platform to achieve a total of 786.

P2P net loan may be affected by the most extensive and most the first industry. The first half of this year, the number of net loan industry investment and loan number reached 2 million 180 thousand and 1 million 60 thousand respectively, compared with the year 2014 increased by 88% and 68%; in June of this year, net loan industry comprehensive income rate of 14.17%, many residents have become the important financing channel.

analysis of the industry, "" guiding opinions on promoting the healthy development of Internet banking is equivalent to the legal status of P2P is clear, and clearly the information intermediary property of P2P platform, it will have an important impact on the industry. The industry and the public generally believes that the Internet financial China which is expected to bid farewell to a void in the sill, lack of rules, lack of supervision "and" barbaric "era, into the rule of law and legal supervision of the track," grass roots "Small and micro businesses and ordinary people have more choice of financing and financial management.

net loan home founder Xu Hongwei: the "guidance" only "to promote" two words, you will see that regulators have affirmed the value of this industry, after the release of this document, many have deep pockets, or a large company, before the P2P industry has been on the sidelines of the consortium will not hesitate entrance.

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