PhpBB3 Gold release, will lead to open source forum earthquake

today is a major event, the world’s most famous open source community program phpbb has gone through 8 RC version, and today more than pm local time released phpBB3 Gold. This release may lead to an earthquake in the online forum program.

Acyd Burn on the forum is to say:

today we begin a new chapter in the history of phpbb. In the past 5 years, more than 200000 of the modified code, as well as countless sleepless nights, the phpBB team is pleased to announce that, phpBB3 released the "Olympus version".

phpBB since 2000 has led the trend of the world’s open source community, many fans sought after.


phpBB3 Gold original download address:

phpBB3 Gold Chinese version download address:

              the earthquake discussion version of