Wei Wu swing the new media era network editor is still very important

The evaluation of professional titles in the

system Chinese, editors and reporters are basically parallel and corresponding: intermediate for editing, reporters as editor in chief, director of the subtropical high; reporter; senior is senior editor, senior reporter (editor called editor). But in real life, there is a big difference between the two. For example, you may have heard a lot of reporters (referred to as the name), but I am afraid that even the name editor has not heard of the word. It seems that the social status of journalists seems to be higher than that of editors. But in turn, you should have seen the name card editor – this symbol of this title is senior figures in the media, but you should never see it in the name of the first general reporter.

it really makes me think this is a study of communication but never in the press and the people who have had a lot of thought. Reporter title, seemed to suggest that such a phenomenon: the reporter is a specialized type of so-called professional work, is the man once dubbed the "name" prefix, who only rely on their own without relying on the work platform can eat. For example, professors, doctors and lawyers. And the title of the editor in chief, let me have a bureaucratic bureaucratic system, the feeling of listening to the general manager and almost, rather than a professional work, it is better to say that a power type. In the social arena, relative to reporters, the editor does need a working platform.

of course, I’m not saying that editors are not professional. This is not the main purpose of this article. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss such a topic: which is more important, information production and information contact.

editing is actually very important

from the point of view of information production, the reporter did a little more than the editor (I just said the role of the role, in fact, a lot of journalists journalist Dou Gan). Most of the reporters to the original article, but the most basic editing thing to do is to question the (the author modified) and polish (help authors modify). I put in the reporter’s original writing as a cause of information production, relative to the reporter, the editor is more like doing things contact information: for example, this article on the front page of the article below the four edition, but also a well, red title! Edit these decisions in fact, already in effect naturally or half unconsciously audience information contact.

editor has a lot of work should be the title (reporters do, but I believe that relatively few). I have been writing a column for many years, although I have a bit of confidence in my own writing, but I have no feeling about it. I have quite a few of the titles of the articles that are actually edited by me. In today’s fast reading era, the importance of a title, I believe everyone knows.

I have a friend who works in public relations for a large local cosmetics company, this company like many local businesses, is taking the rural areas surrounding the city "road, the small town started, and then consider the development to the big city. After ten years of operation, they have had enough