Web site optimization

has been busy in recent days, has not come here for a long time. Recently busy doing the optimization of the virtual host. For a long time to do technology, away from the market, can only do things alone. Since the sale of virtual host, why not come to a SEO.

virtual mainframe market is relatively large, the competition is fierce. We need to reduce the cost of such a small virtual hosting service providers to survive. SEO is a more appropriate marketing methods.

through the Baidu index, found that the number of virtual hosts visit more. Website optimization is also more difficult. I chose the Nanjing virtual host as the main keywords. There are many virtual host related keywords, such as virtual hosting, free hosting, business China virtual host, what is the virtual host, virtual hosting reviews, virtual host software, virtual machine, virtual host management system, virtual host virtual host, Hangzhou recommended Danet etc.. The choice of keywords, can not say that access is more good. More visits, the key is to volume. In other words, in the choice of the virtual host keywords, I should consider is how to use a simple and effective search for visitors to the customer or potential customers. There is another point, popular keywords such as "virtual host" may not be suitable for us. Why do you say that first of all, do virtual hosting IDC service providers are more, the strength of the larger N more, enterprise website for a long time. Some of them are 96 years old. We optimize the site keywords, ranking in the first few pages of Baidu is definitely difficult. And the search for the term "virtual host" is relatively professional, but we can compete with other virtual hosting service providers, including price, access server, etc.. Therefore, the analysis and analysis of our target customers, I chose to optimize the optimization of the Nanjing virtual host". Regional services in the service sector is relatively high, and the regional competition is not large (including site optimization and market).

chose the key word, began to design the design site title. Forget the past where I met the title written. Anyway, according to the memory, as a short summary of the nature and location of the service, with the promotion of advertising language. Thus, in the search results, the summary, the title is a bit attractive. Here on the issue of network marketing. The purpose of optimization is to generate transactions. In the optimization process to reflect the idea of network marketing. How to say, for example, when the body design to consider the user’s psychology, experience. Wake up the place to put on the tip of the language, to conform to the browsing habits, access to click habits. Such as Nanjing data hosting preferences, G class space only 300 yuan. For more details, please visit www.idc108.com, and so on the need to be clear, attractive. Of course, to ensure that the Nanjing virtual host, the frequency and distribution of the main keywords. Due to the excessive introduction of the virtual host type, there are many other unrelated words. Keywords low frequency. My solution is to make pictures, do the background. Minimize code, avoid excessive use of pictures, the best of both worlds.

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