How to break through the bottleneck of medical website promotion

remember to send a post, said "do medical website promotion people vulnerable", the results from small resonance, visible medical website is really not good push Oh, and medical information seems to have a holiday like mice, everyone shouting feeling. But as a medical website promotion staff, often only hot face to get cold butt, everywhere looking for opportunities to promote their information.

but do not know if you have not thought about, around, what effect? When we do the promotion, really useful? How useful? What should we push what can better bring up several transformation? Probably no one can say. For this kind of problem, as a colleague, I want to share with you a few ideas, hope to learn from each other, improve the role of

first of all, to understand what we should push

I think, in the promotion of medical websites, we most love, a mistake but also the most likely to make is to vigorously promote the disease specific information, such as the cause of disease, symptoms, treatment, prevention and harm, but do not know if you have not found, in fact such information is almost not the transformation, you may do so long are doing "public" or contribute to the "medical science" career.

so, in the end what information should we push it? Of course, the brand word, the site target keywords (such as the name of the hospital), as far as I know, it seems that everyone in this area is often not enough to promote efforts. As for why to focus on this aspect, I would like to do the transformation of the analysis of a friend should be very clear, only the highest conversion rate of words in this regard.

actually can imagine, when a person in search a disease, maybe he just want to know, and when he began to search for some kind of disease in the hospital, he has had to go to the hospital’s intention, this time as long as you feel very credible information to him, of course he it is possible to find your hospital.

secondly, to know how to push

in terms of promotion, can be divided into two kinds of pay and do not pay:

1: pay on the brand promotion, website keywords such as word or target, it is necessary to find some pay partners, such as the local portal, some high weight health websites, do not say first of these local information users but at least worthy of trust, good exposure, if you in completely unknown sites, even wrote what is the use of

as if it were raining flowers?

in addition, is the promotion of the competition, this may be the focus of the promotion of the medical profession, but also the majority of the source of site traffic. May be a lot of medical website SEOer often vexed, do optimization seems to no effect, actually I am afraid the main reason is that it leads to the bidding, occupy the top few, and it took a lot of traffic, and the site does not flow, will not get the search engine, no weight and ranking.