On the establishment of brand promotion popularity means the establishment of brand

has not been a professional brand marketing courses, I do not know how the brand is defined, but for their own as a consumer, the brand is equivalent to popularity. When drinking cola expect to buy Coca-Cola, when buying a mobile phone that NOKIA, buy soy isoflavones choose love, when the search engine Baidu think — in fact, there may be better than Coca-Cola drink cola, better than NOKIA for mobile phone, Baiai soy isoflavones than better quality, more accurate than Baidu search the engine, but we do not know, he is not well-known. Therefore, soybean isoflavones webmaster think: the establishment of popularity, means the establishment of the brand!

so how to improve the popularity? Some people say that advertising, as long as put enough advertising can enhance the visibility of the establishment of the brand, you see CCTV a year by television advertising how much revenue a year. Indeed, the establishment of brand advertising certainly need to support, but also hard and soft advertising advertising advertising, hard advertising is mainly on TV and radio, newspapers and other media to tell consumers * * good products, * * products effective, advantages of hard advertising directly, but the disadvantages are direct, easily lead to resentment, and huge investment! There is a soft advertising, not directly explain how * * * but from the side, from a minor event, or a contrast in subtle let consumers accept your product or service is the best choice, characteristics of soft advertising is indirect, easy to accept and believe, and high loyalty. Soft Wen is the most widely used soft advertising!

In fact, we are always in

and soft dealing, we most often see the news, newspapers, web blog posts are generally mixed with soft, consumer behavior we are consciously or unconsciously influenced by these soft, many people may wonder, no, I didn’t see it is soft. Yeah, see that still called soft? The highest state is soft so that you do not feel he is soft, but you are really affected by it.

December 28th

television network CNTV line, 29 noon, CCTV news 30 on the news to major news events as the space to play, this is a typical "soft", and is a very effective soft! Let tens of millions of people suddenly realize that opened a new this video website, this is to spend more money will not buy publicity for an ordinary webmaster. In fact, many well-known brand of the year in soft into tens of millions of yuan, soft writing in the number of tens of thousands of articles, also includes put multiple platforms, impurities, newspapers, radio and television, network every hour and moment not affecting our life.

The establishment of

brand products can use soft Wen, when the owners in the promotion of the site can also use the soft, soft Wen promotion can not only effectively increase website traffic more lay the foundation for the establishment of the station, even if which day is included in the search engine ranking dropped to reduce, the website still has little effect, because you have is the power of the brand !