Biography marketing QQ massive invasion of WeChat ecology or will no longer control


] April 11th news billion state power network, the state power grid before access to news, Tencent recently being measured marketing QQ WeChat edition ", when the enterprise in the marketing management of WeChat QQ client synchronization public number of customers, cross terminal customer management.

it is understood that the marketing QQ is Tencent for enterprise users to launch the QQ number, divided into 400, 800 number, designed for online customer service, product marketing and other business needs tailored. The day before the Tencent agents to disclose billion state power network, from April 16th onwards, the Tencent will increase the "WeChat extension plate in marketing the QQ client, the binding of the WeChat public number (limited service number) enterprise customers can synchronize the management of WeChat users.


marketing QQ client to increase WeChat expansion plate

said the above agents, WeChat expansion plate will include automatic reply, custom menus, material management, mobile version of the site’s four major functions. This means that the marketing QQ client will achieve the basic functions of WeChat public management background.

According to Tencent

beta invitation "marketing information, WeChat QQ version can receive from customers in addition to QQ, WeChat two platform customer consultation, can also learn the track customer behavior in the public number, mining precision marketing opportunities.

industry analysis, marketing QQ and WeChat to get through, in a larger sense lies in the two platform to open up customer information, conducive to the unified management of enterprises, marketing and services. However, there are questions that have been quite restrained in marketing WeChat environment is likely to be disrupted. If the internal communication is not smooth, or the demands are inconsistent, it is easy to lead to the operator on the marketing QQ marketing means to move to WeChat, causing resentment of WeChat users.


WeChat expansion is an important feature of the WeChat client synchronization management

it is worth noting that business users can also be directly selected in the marketing QQ client WeChat third party service providers of related products, such as WeChat website. Enterprise users can choose the ideal micro site template directly in the marketing QQ client, to achieve the rapid development of micro official website.