Biography Ali to raise $1 billion to twelve word-of-mouth network big move

"Wall Street daily" news from informed sources, said the Alibaba is planning for the ant’s O2O payment service local service platform of word-of-mouth network raised $1 billion in a new round of financing, word-of-mouth network valuation will reach $8 billion.

Wall Street journal also revealed that the current round of financing is still in a state of negotiations, Alibaba hired a Credit Suisse Group and potential overseas investors contact. Love van on the matter asked the ant gold suit, the other said temporarily respond to the matter.

word of mouth online line on 2004, in 2006 to be injected into the Alibaba Alibaba group, but in the year of 2011, word of mouth gradually fade out of sight. 2015, June, Alibaba and ant gold service joint venture, each accounted for 50%, once again pulled back to the forefront of the word of mouth O2O industry.

in September 20th this year, the children love to participate in the network of word of mouth in 2016 ecological partner conference. Word of mouth network CEO fan Chi announced word-of-mouth network average daily trading volume reached 10 million, with more than 1 million merchants settled, still will show the reputation of the network business model, hoping to use the platform of the form to attract more service providers to join, through word-of-mouth network service providers to develop products for businesses to provide more services.


aspects of the word of mouth to love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) revealed that the current word of mouth network thanks to Ali’s support, as well as the development direction and path of the original set, is in a positive cycle of development. As of September 30th, public praise net daily trading volume increased to 14 million 610 thousand, the number of merchants settled more than 1 million 200 thousand, and at the end of the "shuangshier", word of mouth network and Alipay will become the main activities, word-of-mouth network team has set out to design rules, and gradually complete the investment and execution and other links.