Alexa today’s ranking of the world’s Web site continues to adjust chaos

Send it to the February 1st monitoring network technology of global ALEXA ranking in Beijing in early February 4th 6:21 update, update the global rankings after more than a few days ago, the more chaotic, the affected sites have spread to the global portal, including,,,,,,,,, etc., the world’s top ten sites only was not affected.

Chinese website TOP100 list has not been affected by the site is also left very few, including Baidu, Google, Sina, Sohu, Taobao, thunder, etc. are empty.

Chinese website ranking screenshot

global website ranking screenshot

team test site rankings are up to one hundred today, has been chaotic

The recent global

website ranking chaos that ALEXA continues to adjust, a few days ago in an article ( mentioned, " the adjustment period according to the past by

test, the ranking of the domestic site may be a variety of phenomena " today’s ranking is not only to verify this, and this adjustment affects the global portal.

not because ALEXA ranking chaos affected, any period of adjustment is possible, the website ranking is not clear cheating punishment, the website ranking does not represent normal website without cheating data, we still did not reduce

there is a need for "war of words", patiently waiting for ALEXA adjustment is completed, all that is normal, and I wish you a good year ahead of time, ha ha. Hair network is committed to the research and exploration of ALEXA rankings, if the latest situation, we will be the first time

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