Some reference point of sale website

The black hat Blog wrote an article "t Buy Don Links – Buy the Whole Site, the earth people know to buy links are illegal things, personally think that the" buy website "although there are some edge ball, but not banned. In this man’s Web site has sprung up, a large number of Admin5 Trading Forum website trading came into being.

crap, several indicators listed below are to buy a website to check.

domain name history

old domain name more valuable, more expensive. If you encounter the domain name before 2000, I advise you to buy it.

included pages

is not necessarily included in the 8000 pages than the collection of a good 1000 pages, we must look at the update frequency of the site. If the site is updated every day, but the collection of pages rarely, it is worth buying. If a site has included pages but only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, collected, do not buy.

reverse link

carefully distinguish these backlinks, a good reverse link is "permanent"". If it is a link, or is the site of the seller’s own web site links to other sites that belong to you, these links are likely to disappear overnight.

included history

to the web time machine to see if the site included history is interrupted, such as 05 years to open the site, six months have not been included in the normal 06, which is a very unhealthy website.

directory included

is Yahoo, Dmoz included? This is a goodly thing, I bought a website to buy back after the discovery of the station was Yahoo directory included, is really overjoyed.


in the search engine rankings? Not to say that to have a good ranking, see the site’s existing ranking is an important step to understand the site.

log analysis

log files to the site to analyze, how long? Last week? Recent January? The principle is that the longer the time, the better. If there is no log file, look at traffic statistics.

advertising account

asked what the site has associated advertising account, a lot of advertising account transfer is quite troublesome, and even some can not transfer – such as Adsense.

some sites because the advertising account is sealed off to sell the site, if you buy a Adsense has blocked the site to do Adsense…

traffic trend

go to Alexa to see traffic trends, but also to understand the site